Thanks to you, I made it.
"Even during winter it keeps its beauty, never losing to the cold. A strong flower that waits for the hope of spring." 

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DTB ~ Hei X Misaki ~ Halo

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Sasuke & Sakura + Kakashi hiding underneath the ground
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Nozaki with his date…


Waka with his date…


Kashima with her date…






You know… when you were running at me, your expression was amazing. - Kou to Futaba

The word ”cool” is always associated with the word ”hero” but don’t forget that it the manga Kou also admits that for him Futaba was his hero. Futaba always makes an effort to run after Kou to remind him that there are people that cares for him. And Futaba is the one that push Kou and gave him the reason to move forward. 

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We have to be greater than what we suffer.

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Favorites,sad scenes: In Naruto/Shippuden!

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"That voice... Sasuke...-kun..."
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This is my entry for the Fairy Tail Volume 46’s Guild d’Art” contest!  
The italian page of this contest wrote that the fanart must be in B/W .w. so I’ve been forced to do a B/W version of my old fanart.
Why the main page (kodansha) doesn’t specify it? I seen a lot of people who sent coloured fanart! D:

I loved the original, and this version is just as good. Wishing you lots of luck! ^-^ 

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